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When Will Flickr Webimager Get an Update?

The Pro really likes the Flickr Webimager and its about time it got updated. Its a great tool for saving bits of the web and info without having to download entire web pages or copy and pasting text. flickr and webimager application Real Estate bloggers could find it very useful for things like keeping track of one's personal linkages, if only it worked the way it was intended. Remember several months back when i mentioned it as a cool hacking tool? Well, despite the numerous other screen shot grabber gadgets and gizmos out there these days, Flickr Webimager still remains as my favorite for many reasons. I'll tell you why:

  • Its lite and rests in your systems tray (unlike most others which are embedded in your browser)
  • it can be used to create bitmaps of images on the web (which you can turn into jpegs in photoshop)
  • you can adjust the size of your captured image right within the window
  • you can modify the image using Microsoft Paint by exporting it
I'll even go as far as to say that I use it every single day, for all sorts of things!  The problem that I have with it is that you can't find who created it, its never updated and worst of all, it doesn't even do what it was created and intended to do. Namely, allow you to upload screenshots consistently to your Flickr account. The process usually goes like this:
  1. Create a screenshot
  2. Attempt to upload the screenshot
  3. Go through the whole process of allowing WebImager access your Flickr account
  4. Upload one screenshot
  5. Then get error after error stating that your Flickr account can't be verified.
I can hardly believe that the creators of WebImager intended for us to only be allowed to upload one damn image.  In order to upload more than one image these days, you have to actually save the photo to a folder (which subsequently requires you to press a button which reads "Open" instead of "Save" when attempting to save it) then open it with photoshop or similar program and save the image as .jpeg, .gif  and the like, then upload it to Flickr.  Too much work for a Web 2.0 tool.  Its impossible to track down a forum, it hasn't been updated since its creation (i don't believe) and the Pro thinks it should be.  Has anyone else had the same or similar problem?

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Good thought, but would anyone actually use it?

Reno Real Estate

I hope they do update this soon.

Rob Lawrence

Flickr is a great tool but there are other better ones out there. Of course how you use them in with your marketing plan is more important than merely giving lip service to one or the other.
Warm Regards,


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Daniels Team

It is too outdated for me, so I have moved on to other software.

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