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Keep Track of Your Real Estate Life with Jott

Looking for a quick way to keep track of yourself?  Sure, all Pros need little help finding themselves from time to time.  In the world of Web 2.0, taking care of yourself is the name of the game!  Well, today this Pro stumbled upon a new tool that is sure to keep you in check.  Its called Jott and its a voice powered, hands-free way to send messages and to do lists to yourself.  Every real estate agent at one time or another gets the cart before the horse....well, with Jott, this actually works to your advantage. 

Ways that i think this application will prove useful:
-call important clients
-leads that you acquire in passing
-important addresses that you want to remember
-phone numbers that you shouldn't forget
-important details about property
-keeping track of new listings
-epiphanies while in the field (ahh...i didn't know Mr. SoandSo owned that too!)

The possibilities are endless....that's why this Pro felt it might be a good productivity related tool to pass along.  Got any cool tools or tips you'd like to pass along to real estate pros such as yourself?  Do so...there's a big blank comment area below, just waiting for your insight!  Good Luck Pros!

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I'd like to recommend a piece of software I have been using lately for investment property analysis and am quite happy with - Personal Finance Associate by Parcus Group.
Simple to use software with great features incl. budgeting, financial planning, shares valuation, real estate investments analysis etc.
Saved me an amazing amounts of time while looking at the properties on the web. You enter some basic property info ie. rent, outgoings etc and the program will give you some great measures of the financial performance of the property such as cash on cash return, ROI, IRR etc... if the numbers stack up at the high level you go and have a look without wasting time with every lemon out there.
Definitely check it out at:
Great value for money for under US$24 for a single user license.

Red sea real estate

Hi...your article "Keep Track of Your Real Estate Life with Jott" is so good that I enjoyed it and the points icluded are so important for us as we are interested in real estate and properties in Red Sea area in Egypt , my site www.mysharm-el-sheikh.com wish to have aricles like yours
thanks for your valuable article

Red sea real estate

Ahmed Anies

Really I found this article is very useful for me and for anyone dealing with real state like me ...
I'm a real estate agent in Egypt and I have my website www.egypt-realestate-agent.com
Thanks for this good article...

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Egyptian Real estate Agent

This great article enjoyed me...

Ahmed Anies
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A very useful article, it'll help very much in my dealing with Real Estates.
Thank you.

Decart Tornbeck

I suppose these features are found in a PDA or the latest model of mobile phone that could contain almost everything. The point? To make your life as an real estate agent a better and way easier. There is actually a system that could get you organized beyond your personal tasks. The application make your listing public through SMS, specifically Go Live SMS. Here's a good look at this software http://www.cellmyhouse.org

Reverse Lookup

Jott is a great tool. I use it myself making notes and sending remiders to myself. Though I my area of specialiazation is not real estate. It is reverse phone look up services which you can look up at http://www.trace-a-phone-number.com.

Real estate is area I am sure which needs people to be extremely organsized else they can miss out on great deals due to small slip ups. Jott should help minimize those minor errors. Great article.

John Valente

Jott is very cool! And not just for Real Estate, but just about any professional on the go.

heehee! I like all your Egyptian friends. Especially the one that says "This great article enjoyed me..." Did it now?

Hey, you asked for other "cool tools or tips". I hope you don't mind me giving myself a plug. It just so happens that I am a producer of "cool tips". I create realistic customized $100 dollar bill business cards (some know them as "sizzle cards") for any business. But, they're especially popular with real estate agents and mortgage brokers (and car dealers incidentally).

We also have a partner plan where we pay commissions if you want to share these with your colleagues or make them available on your site.

Best Regards and Merry Christmas!


Tim foster

thank i am interested now in properties


This is really the great article i enjoyed it and definitely will help in dealing with agents.

Gary (Flat Fee MLS Michigan) Moody

What a great tool. Thank you for this recommedation. My wife Denise owns and runs the largest flat fee real estate company in Michigan. With her hundreds of follow up items, this will definately help keep her on track. Thanks again.

Gary Moody

Brett Wilson

I found this article very helpful. This will not only cut my time in half but will be a big help with my daily real estate transactions.

morocco property

Thanks for introduction.
Nice tool with fine features. I was looking for the smae one.
Thanks you help me.


Take a look at Basecamp (no affiliation). I use it with my commercial realtor and other's involved in the management of my development projects. It's an easy to use, program management piece of software that is web based. The free version allows one project at a time, which is plenty for me!


wayne helmore

Wow such a great information!We pay special attention to new clients who are setting out in business and treading the boards for the first time.visit at-http://www.claridges-commercial.co.uk/


Great article!

Cottages in Scotland

Thanks for nice feed. I allready subscribed :)

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