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Some Mobile Phone Mania to Keep you Productive, Pros

Gmail goes really mobile!  Go to  gmail.com/app  to download that new application that is bound to free up some of your time- and its free.  Now you'll be able to get all of your glorious  email (real estate related, of course) in two clicks...unless you are like me and happen to be so behind the times that your phone has basically become antique (my phone =Treo 600).  So, if you don't have a rotary dial on your celly, chances are the new mobile Gmail will save you time.
If you are living in history, Learn more about Gmail for mobile devices.  You may remember Pro telling you about Google Calender mobile a few months back.  Well...I'm just reminding you.  Pretty soon, maybe none of us will even need homes...just a place to sync our crap.  Then we won't need real estate agents, i suppose.  And I guess this blog will be pretty stupid at that point too.....hmmm. 

Now that you have all that free time...why not save more time by refusing to enter contact info from the mountain of business cards you've collected.  As mentioned before, there's a handy tool out there called Scanr that turns your camera phone into a heavy duty, light weight rolodexing machine.  Lifehacker discovered it today and gave a few tips on how to utilize this paperless beast.

Go gettem Pros!

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Actually, the mobile copy technology and concept you're describing was first pioneered and showcased in 2005 by an innovative European company called Realeyes3D. They have launched a service in the US called qipit (www.qipit.com) during DEMOFall 2006 last september. With qipit you can use your camera phone or digital camera to turn pictures into documents in seconds. You can then easily share the black and white or color clear crisp digital copies with anybody from or store them online in your private, secure document center.

I did try the qipit service and can tell you it works in almost any lighting conditions and delivers very good quality copies, provided you have a decent camera phone (1.3 + Mpixel w/ autofocus). Realtors will love this as it frees them from accumulating paperwork and enables transaction post processing on the go.


I can’t wait to try out new Gmail mobile, everyone says that it’s fabulous. At the moment I am using Movamail http://movamail.com/ for all of my accounts and I am satisfied with it and I don’t what to change it I just want to try out new Google gadget :)


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