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Plotzz will be (yet another) next BIG THING in real estate

At least thats what the hope is....in fact, I can't wait for the next BIG thing to happen. Its like i'm stuck in a real estate world filled with little things that at times seem to barely even happen at all. That's where Plotzz will come in (I assume).  This will be exciting for i've grown tired of being/ becoming the Pro at little things.  Plotzz is VERY  web2.0...all the way down to the reflective logo effect shadow  thing that  has become so popular (as seen below). 

But what the hell is it?  Who knows.  I suppose online real estate has evolved into a game of "who dunnit" or "who will do it first?"  I suppose we have Zillow to thank for making real estate into something more like Clue.

By the way, I've had an update on Viewr and it's looking pretty interesting.  Too bad I can't tell you more about it.  I suppose that this is suppose to be fun, somehow.  Perhaps its the most fun that anyone can really have in respect to real estate.

On that note, if anyone out there is having other types of real estate fun, DON"T TELL US!
 Please respect our right to depression.

If any body out there has tips for aspiring real estate blog pros, spill it!  But don't tell us too much, whatever you do.  We might not know how to handle it.

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Nothing says qualified technology like a shady splash screen. I've been involved in more successful technology start-ups than I can shake my venture-capital trained money maker at and if there is something that market doesn't like it is superlative and hyperbole. Get on with your business and stop promoting nothing, Plotzz- at the very least stuff a few useful keywords onto that splash screen so you build some SEO value.

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