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What exactly will Viewr be?

Finally back in town- did you miss me?  Well today instead of a tip, Pro is gonna ask a question.  Does anyone know what Viewr is gonna be?  Apparently it has something to do with a Global view on real estate, but I suppose we will see.  Any hints out there?  I truly hope it will be more exciting than Zillow [don't get me wrong- Zillow is cool, but the hype on the front end was a bit much]


[found via Coolzor Blog]

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Luke Gunderson

I check their Meta Tags and nothing came up... Don't know what to tell ya.
what about CribHits.com? That I can tell ya... But I won't.

Karl Lingenfelder President/CEO

After exhaustive testing of different possible solutions, we have chosen to integrate VideoEgg into our platform.

The tool is very stable, fast and highly customizable and we look forward to launching with it.

We have users practicing with it here:


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