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Two brand spankin' new ways to get your feeds

Two new ways were released today for all you agents out there to get your RSS feeds delivered (or delivered to you).

1) Feedburner just launched their Blog-to-Email application and they plan to dominate the market in this areas with it. Its called (are you ready for this?) Feedburner Email and they plan for it to be a "brandless" message service.  "Why brandless?" you may ask.  Feedburner answers:  a) the emails are delivered as "from" the publisher, not FeedBurner and
b) there is no FeedBurner header and only a very light "delivered by"
Here's a sample:

2) Sabifoo is a new Instant messenger driven RSS publisher.  [via Downloadsquad]There is no new account to create. There are no new passwords to remember. Sabifoo uses
the instant messaging account you already have - transparently.
Now publishing to the world is
as simple as sending a message.   Visit the innovators over  at Sabifoo and let them know how smart they are.

BTW:  Although Sabifoo claims to be the first to have such an idea,  other  applications such as Bot-a-blog have been doing similar things for quite a while, just not from the publishing end.  An impressive application, indeed.   Just not the very first.  As far as that goes, Feedburner's new tool isn't new either.  In fact, if you want to get closer to finding the original brains behind such an idea, look carefully at this thread from a RSS forum on a social networking site called Tribe (from April 24th 2005).  LoftNinja (a realtor) asks about the possibility of such a solution to his 'problem' of hooking his blog up in such as way that it instantly sends an email to his clients.  At first, no one knew how to answer such a question, but 1 week later, a more tech savvy software developer on the thread comes up with RMail (which these days has somewhere around 8000 subscribers).  It happens just like that folks!  Don't be afraid to think outside the box.  Just don't give your ideas away like LoftNinja did or like Pro is doing with this blog.     Uh...wait a minute.

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