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Get more info from your readers and make that sale with this easy form builder

Would you like to put a form on your site for your readers to fill out and submit?  Its a terrific way to find out who your readers are and put you in contact with them directly.  Well, let me introduce you to Sidewalk.  [link via DownloadSquad] Its an AJAX enabled form builder that's easy to create and simple to integrate onto your blog.  For a real estate agent, this is a powerful tool, as there is a good chance that the info that you gather from your readers will tell you a lot about the types of clients that your content appeals to. You'll have information to work with in minutes!

 Sidewalk forms can be embedded in any web page
just by copying and pasting a bit of JavaScript, which I think is one of its greatest selling points. When someone
fills out your form their answers are e-mailed to you as well as added to a web-based database where you can search the
responses and export them to CSV.
[link via DownloadSquad]


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Thanks for the kind words. I love finding places that are coming up with new uses for out product. Real estate isn't something we were thinking about when developing Sidewalk, but looking back, I can see that it would be a great resource for agents. You could very easily create a form asking what type of property a person is interested in. I love it!

Keep checking back for new enhancements as we continue development.

Thanks again!
Sidewalk Development Team

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