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Feeling overwhelmed? Here are six steps for learning difficult subjects quickly

I know.  All of this blogging biz can be a little overwhelming at first.  Believe me, looking at RSS, AJAX, and all of the other stuff one should know when blogging, its enough to make you wanna dig a hole and crawl in.  and In fact, if the Pro had begun blogging knowing that there would be all this stuff to learn, he might have gone about it a different way.  But for your sake, its good he didn't!  Everything that you are learning on this blog was self taught and most of it had to be figured out becuase there havent been many tutorials around for this stuff for very long.  If you stick with it, it will be worth it to your business and your clients.  This much is for certain.  With that in mind, take a look at these six steps for learning difficult subjects quickly (Paul's Tips). [link Lifehacker]
Step 1: Bombard yourself with information

Step 2: Identify the key concepts and make them yours
Step 3: Only memorize what absolutely has to be memorized
Step 4: Get some feedback on your understanding
Step 5: Bombard yourself with some more information, but from another source
Step 6: Get some real-world feedback (blogging makes this one a given...)
[read them all in detail here]

If you think that one is helpful, you might wanna also check into the Five Minute Organizer [Success Begins Today]

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