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Create an RSS feed for feedless sites and real estate hack tip

Sometimes there are those sites that just don't have an RSS feed to subscribe to. I know, crazy right!?!  Well, in a land far far away, many years ago there were these things called websites and they just sat there.  This was before there was such a thing as a blog and life wasn't very exciting, to say the least.  Well, those days have passed (thanks G_d), but there still are those dinosaurs out there that contain the info that we need.  As Pro bloggers, versed in the ways of RSS, this can be frustrating as we must always go through the motions and type in the URL, visit the actual site, sift through pages of babble to get what we want, blah blah blah.  What am getting at?  Precisely this:  There are tools out there that will allow you to create an RSS feed out of a site's data (as long as it changes from time to time), even if the site doesn't already have an RSS feed ready made for you to subscribe to.  Pro is going to tip you off to a tool that will allow you to do just that, first.  Then, he'll give you an example for how to use it that you won't find anywhere else- a hack, if you will- exclusively for all you bloggin real estate agents out there.

1) Take a look at Ponyfish
link via LifeHacker]
Ponyfish is a terrific solution for creating an RSS feed from a site that either A) is fairly old and just doesn't have RSS format B) is a company website that you might like to keep track of or C) (Pro's favorite) happens to be a site with content that changes dynamically (such as property search websites and databases), with a webmaster that would rather not make the content as easily accessed as say, one with an RSS feed.  They want you to visit their site!  Sometimes its because they want the adsense money that rolls in with every page view, sometimes its the nature of the content. In either case, a tool like Ponyfish can help you out.

2) The HackPro chooses not to point any linky fingers at particular real estate websites that can be hacked in this nature- partly because he would rather not single out certain sites that belong and are maintained by his friends.  But lets just say that you are a real estate agent and you'd like to be notified everytime a new property hits a particular database.  Go to Ponyfish and follow the instructions for creating a new feed.  Find the page on the web (within the site) that you usually go to when you want to see if anything has been added.  Enter that URL.  Create a feed and add it to your feed reader or RSS notification service and you're set.  Don't bother begging the webmaster to integrate RSS into his/her site.  They won't! Chances are, if they don't already have the service, they would rather not make it that easy on you.

I know...you must now use your brain.  Have fun!  It won't hurt. Pro promises...

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I use www.feedity.com which is a really simple and great tool

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