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Linkage from Inman and teeny weeny rant

Inman Blog
Some enthusiastic support  for the Pro from Inman news blog on Wednesday.   We especially loved the comments from "Mr. Go crash this realtor's Blog" over at Housing Panic (I'd link to him, but don't want to give him the pleasure), who obviously didn't even click to look at the blog.  In any account, we still have our homies (such as Sellsius Blog, another kick ass real estate blog devoted to agents) and we hope that you all can become Pros with some of the tips from this blog.
As for people who speak of 'realtors' as though they are a species or genus, you guys are about as useful as a room full of racists who just found out that theres no such thing as 'race'.  Those who go around grouping people under broad, albeit vague and general terms do more harm than good and can never be anything more than stupid, if that is they believe the crap they speak. Someone find this guy and toss him an anthropology book.


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