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First time I see your blog- love it.

I noticed you have Mapwing.

Check out FlyInside.com - a real simple and FREE way to create real estate virtual tours online.

Greg Broadbent


My name is Greg Broadbent. I am a new real estate agent in Mystic CT. I am trying to improve the ranking of my site by placing small text links on high quality blogs like yours. I am not competing in your market so I should not take any business away from you, or gain any targeted contacts. This would simply be a linking advantage for me.

Although I would accept free links, I would be more then happy to pay for a very small sentence somewhere non-distracting to your viewers. . I only need 10 blogs so let me know if you are interested soon. Either way could you please respond when you get this so I don’t send you another message.

Thank you for your time

Greg Broadbent.

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