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Three ways for sharing BIG FILES with clients

1) With Pando, you can share anything
with anybody in a snap!  This comes in handy, especially when you need
to send large picture files or video over the net and your email
account won't allow it.  Apparently there has been a spike in demand
for Pando (for obvious reasons), but make sure to enter your email
address and you should recieve an invite shortly.  Just another one of
the many miracles of "Web 2.0."


2) Another you might want to check out is Streamload -not to be confused with Streamloader. Recently, Pro used Streamload to send a video tour of a commercial building to a client...it worked like a charm!


3) Lastly, Dropsend will do just about the same thing...and its free too. You just don't get much better than free!


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