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October 15, 2007

One Of These Williamsburg Cribs Will Surely Make You Drool In Your Bibs

Oh yeah...there's no end to the fun  you'll have, if you're fast enough to get in and grab one of these Williamsburg cribs that are not so easy to nab, nevertheless their so fab, you might need rehab and you'll certainly need that bib, because you'll drool and roll around on the ground-you might bust a rib.  If you're down for clown to come out and dance all around, with an upside-down frown that will change the damn town, just make a sound that the ninja can hear with his ninja-type ears and he'll come bustin' through with pens and leases for his artist-type peers....Just look at how happy you'll be..dancing for years...

Apartments don't grow on trees with bedrooms times threes, but those such as these will surely appease.

WILLIAMSBURG-  large 2 BR, exposed brick, stainless steel appliances. Available Nov.1th.  $2400,00.

WILLIAMSBURG- 2 BR available now .owner pays heat, hot water and gas. $ 2200,00.

WILLIAMSBURG - New renovation, hardwood floors, two blocks from L train. Available immediately. $1900,00.LARGE STUDIO...

WILLIAMSBURG- Beautiful 1BR - $1600,00. available now.

Now, If you're looking for something more like a LOFT, you'd better raid one of these like Lara Croft

LOFT-(WILLIAMSBURG)- Beautiful 1100sf loft , exposed brick. -Prime location!!!  $3400,00  available now.

LOFT- (WILLIAMSBURG)- Beautiful loft- Prime location!!!.
exposed brick. $3800,00. available now.

LOFT-WILLIAMSBURG- Beautiful 1BR. Loft All renovated , Stainless appliances, everything brand new. $ 2000,00.

For more information or to get into one of these, no need to jump through hoops or beg from your knees, just call 917-686-1571 and say please...leave a message with all of your relevant details


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