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August 08, 2007

Two Bedroom Bliss...Yell!...off the Morgan stop on the L

You won't want to miss this 2 bedroom blissNinjahardwoodfloor
You'll kiss those housing woes goodbye when you try your
eye at this Bushwickian pie.  Two bedrooms, i won't lie
its pretty basic...sigh.  But its close to the train and you won't
drain your brain getting to work and back...lets stay on track:
Hardwood floors and new doors...a kitchen for two and bedroom
walls that are blue.  You can paint them...its true, but you'll need to
follow this clue: Calling LoftNinja these days has been a hard
thing to do,and if you want a place such as this, you'll need to do something new.  Call my buddy Carl, the hero at 646.261.6080. He's got keys...just say please and LoftNinja sent you.
Good Luck...don't get stuck!

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