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April 27, 2007

Three New Brooklyn Cribs up for Dibs, Bring Bibs

Greenpoint 1 bedroom for $1280
600 sf old school floor thru, wood floors, sunny
Bring the money and your honey
Bad credit isn't funny and niether are bad checks
Be ready to flex your references for days,
it pays.


$2300 Prime-time Northside 2 bedroom 1 bath Crib
You should bring a Bib, you'll Drool!
Terrifically Cool and close to the Bedford L
(and that's swell)
These digs are near Driggs and the 1st
new everything nice size, you're eyes will burst
from your head and shoot down the block,
but watch the clock....

2 bedroom joint in same vicinity $2800 bucks
Can you say "LUXURY"? Me neither- (everybody ducks)
It sucks that all places can't be this nice-
HUUUUGE living room to live in and a steel cooking device
You could bring rice, but money's better
some good credit and employment letter...

[NOTE:] All of these places have a 1 month fee...
they are H_O_T "Hot"   Call me ...you'll see..

#917-686-1571 LoftNinja  or email me
or my buddy Gregor  718-599-2981
(be sure to tell'em LoftNinja sent you)


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