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April 04, 2007

2br Pad in Greenpoint, Rad $1400

If you are into Rad, you need to call your dad and tell him
you found the joint you wanted, indeed.
Here's a lead on a place and i can't wait to see your face
when you place it in this 2br crib, you should bring a bib
because you'll drool and fall off your stool
when you peep how cool this Greenpoint space is.
You might even wiz in your pants and dance around like a clown
all over town.  Wipe that frown from your mug and call the LoftNinja
Prepare to lug your stuff to the Nassau stop on the G train
with not too much strain...just 15 minutes to the city...it would be a pity for you to snooze and lose out on this place you'll pout about, if you do.
Here's a clue:  917-334-0887
Here's another" $1400
Call your mother too.

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